Zimbabwean Tafadzwa Muyambo, 22, can still hear the critical voices telling him it’s a waste of time to pursue a PGDA. “People around you say this, they put you down because they know of others who have not made it,” he says. “As a result, many people think the course is not for them.”

“There is this perception that this course is structured for people who are very smart, but I am honest with myself, and I think I am an average student. If I want to pass or do well, I really have to study for it. So, after I passed the PGDA (also known as the CTA) I realised that really, anyone can do it,” says Tafadzwa, adding that it all comes down to a personal commitment to studying and motivating yourself.

Tafadzwa first applied to do his PGDA at the university where he completed his bachelor’s degree in accounting but wasn’t accepted. He then applied to Milpark and in 2022, he successfully completed the PGDA in one year. It wasn’t an easy year – it was filled with demanding work and plenty of stress along the way.

“It was much more work than I thought it would be,” he acknowledges, adding that it took a while to adapt to the virtual nature of studying online, to get used to accessing videos and lectures and doing assignments.

After two to three weeks, he got the hang of the virtual classroom, but even then, he failed several tests; and each time he did, he would feel low and have to motivate himself to keep going. When he got 27% for an auditing test, he knew he had to pay more attention to the subject. The 62% on his Tax and Management Accounting test told him he could get the marks he wanted with a bit more effort.

As an introvert, not being on campus was a challenge for Tafadzwa. He describes himself as “a bit of a lone wolf” who does not like social media. But he found the WhatsApp group that he joined with some fellow students – who also happened to be Zimbabweans – particularly useful. Even though they have all graduated today, the group is still in touch.

As an auditing associate for a well-known multinational auditing firm, Tafadzwa is putting theory into practice and enjoying his work. He is staying with his parents in Harare while he prepares for his board exams to qualify as a chartered accountant CA(SA).
Beyond the flexible, supportive educational environment Milpark provided Tafadzwa, he says he gained much in personal growth. “I think my personality has developed and I have matured so much,” he reflects. “I have learned to multitask and to interact with people at a different level. I have actually become a better person.”