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#TEAMBASS Inspires Future Chartered Accountants

At Milpark’s online career day, MGI Bass Gordon, also known as #TEAMBASS, hosted an insightful session for aspiring Chartered Accountants (SA). The event featured key speakers from MGI Bass Gordon who shared their journeys, challenges, and valuable advice for future CAs.

Abraham Petersen CA(SA): Finding Your Purpose

Abraham Petersen CA(SA), Managing Partner at MGI Bass Gordon, shared his journey to becoming a CA(SA). He highlighted the challenges he faced, and the determination required to succeed. Abraham emphasized the importance of discovering one’s ‘why,’ a purpose that serves as a guiding force through difficulties and propels individuals towards success.

In his closing remarks, Abraham advised students to thoroughly research potential companies for their articles, with a particular focus on mid-tier firms. He recommended attending numerous vacation work programs and interviews to find a firm that aligns with their values.

Johann Diener CA(SA): Diverse Industry Exposure

Johann Diener CA(SA), Head of Audit and Partner at MGI Bass Gordon, provided insights into the various industries the firm engages with, including manufacturing, retail, pharmaceuticals, financial services, mining, and NPOs. This diverse exposure allows trainees to gain valuable experience across multiple sectors.

Johann also highlighted the advantage of having direct access to top-tier executives, which creates essential networking opportunities for trainees.

Resilience and Learning from Entrepreneurs

The Covid-19 pandemic taught us the importance of resilience. Learning from successful entrepreneurs is crucial for navigating and understanding business dynamics.

Catherine Whitehouse CA(SA): Comprehensive Skill Development

Catherine Whitehouse CA(SA), Manager at MGI Bass Gordon, discussed the comprehensive skill set that trainees acquire during their articles. She explained that trainees at mid-tier firms like MGI Bass Gordon gain a broader understanding of the organizational context early on.

They develop expertise not only in audit but also in tax and accounting, which broadens their professional horizons.

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Trainee Experiences at MGI Bass Gordon

Several #TEAMBASS trainees who are also enrolled at Milpark shared their personal experiences at MGI Bass Gordon:

  • Henco: He appreciates the opportunity to work and study simultaneously at a medium-sized audit firm, where he feels he shines best.
  • Sadee: She highlighted the benefits of MGI Bass Gordon’s month-long induction and various mentorship programs available to trainees, as well as the fun social events organized by the firm.
  • Michael: A later entrant into the CA(SA) journey, Michael is thrilled with his choice and firmly believes that the CA(SA) route is the way forward.

Join MGI Bass Gordon

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