Despite facing many challenges, CA Connect student Miriro Mlilo from Zimbabwe not only passed her Namibian ITC exam this year, but she also received the top marks of all students taking the exam. Here she shares her story as well as some tips and strategies for success.

When Miriro Mlilo heard that she had obtained the best marks of all candidates who wrote the recent ITC test in Namibia (ICAN), she couldn’t believe it. “It was not easy,” admits the soft-spoken 23-year-old who faced numerous challenges during her year doing the CTA through CA Connect, a part of Milpark Education’s School of Professional Accounting.

Although she’s originally from Zimbabwe, Miriro pursued her Bachelor of Accounting in Namibia. During her studies, however, because of a permit issue, she was forced to return to her home country. She could continue her studies through correspondence, but her living situation changed drastically. She was living in a house without electricity or running water, and access to the internet was only possible via a tablet, which could only be charged with a solar-powered battery.

“During my first test, I cried because I had so many technical issues,” she recalls. “The Wi-Fi went down as the power failed and I couldn’t finish the test.” Nevertheless, Miriro was determined. Ever since she was younger, collecting firewood for her family outside of her rural village, she knew she was meant for different things.

“I saw so many girls dropping out of school and getting married and I didn’t want that life for myself,” says Miriro. “My aunt was a teacher and she showed me that you can achieve more.” Miriro discovered Milpark after returning to Zimbabwe and wishing to continue her studies. She looked for online study options and liked how friendly and responsive the Milpark staff was, making her feel that despite her difficult circumstances, anything was possible.

Miriro says Milpark’s approach changed her framework for learning. She liked the well-structured lessons and interactive format as well as the friendly and positive instruction, which encourages students to feel supported and sets out to empower them on their academic journey. She also valued the quality of the programmes, and the way lecturers were truly invested in the success of each student.

When it comes to giving tips and advice to others, Miriro stresses the importance of drawing up a timetable and keeping to a schedule. “Life will interfere with this timetable, so you must be strict with yourself.”

Miriro is now one step closer to her dream of becoming a chartered accountant. “When I started studying, I didn’t even know about becoming a chartered accountant or that this was an option,” recalls Miriro. “But now I know the power of knowledge and education and I want to share this story with others. It does not matter where you come from, you can achieve anything.”


Article contributions by Miriro Mlilo – CA Connect alumni