Today, the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants SAICA released the January 2023 ITC results. This is always a significant day for all of us in the School of Professional Accounting (incorporating CA Connect).

We are so excited to see that Milpark Education is now the biggest contributor to the CA(SA) pipeline!

14 years into the CA Connect story, this is a significant milestone for us. We look forward to following this exciting trajectory and continuing to play a key role in the ongoing development and transformation of the profession.

Here are some key stats on the results released today:

  • We had the most first-time writers and the highest number of passes.
  • 79% of our students passed (compared to 39% for other distance/online institutions).
  • 88% of our first-time writers passed.

(If you want to see detailed statistics, they are on SAICA’s website here.)

For each of you that received good news this afternoon, congratulations! We are enormously proud of you and the entire School of Professional Accounting (incorporating CA Connect) team celebrates with you today! We know that this is just the beginning of all you will accomplish and are honoured to have been part of your journey. I hope there are celebrations all round tonight!

For those who were not successful in this sitting, we embrace you and this part of your story. While this is not the outcome you would have hoped for, this is also not the end of your journey. Grieve the disappointment, yes, but continue to pursue the goals you have already given so much hard work to attain.

Thank you to the entire Milpark Education team! We have worked hard to offer an excellent, online PGDA that is developing community, and opening doors for so many students to pursue their dreams of becoming CAs(SA).

Today is a reminder that what we do each day changes lives in meaningful ways!


Written by: Tracy Kraus, Head of Department: School of Professional Accounting (CA Connect)