Tumi Qheya

Financial Reporting

Senior Lecturer

“When you find something you are passionate about, it won’t feel like hard work.”

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I was born and raised in Dobsonville, Soweto and studied at Wits University. I spent a year of my training contract as an academic trainee and that is where the love of teaching and engaging with students solidified. It not only deepened my love for accounting, but I wanted to share this love with my students.

I met the citizen and resident of my heart in 2014 and we moved to Cape Town after being married in 2016. This is when I joined the College of Accounting in University of Cape Town and lectured financial reporting on both postgraduate and final year undergraduate level. I was also involved in the ITC and APC preparatory course during my tenure which fostered my involvement in the marking of the SAICA’s ITC and APC exams.

I later moved to the Department of Financial Accounting at the University of South Africa where I was primarily exposed to the challenges and opportunities of distance learning along with the variety and diversity of the student body which not only challenged my teaching philosophies but my views to accounting education. I got the opportunity to study further and obtained my MCom (Accounting Sciences) and become more involved in the SAICA marking structures, working as a member of the senior marking team for ITC and APC. I was convening a final year undergraduate accounting module and assisted in the development of the module to incorporate the competencies required for the CA 2025 framework.

Your company name and/or personal brand statement that aligns with the mission of the programme in which you are involved

Understanding the why is always key and the reasoning behind some of the principles in accounting resonate with some of the values I hold dearly and gets me excited about IFRS. Some of the topics I enjoy the most is consolidations and deferred tax. I am super excited to be joining the vibrant team at Milpark and look forward to empowering our students as they embark on this rigorous journey of the PGDA. #itwillendinCA(SA).

Personal and professional goals

Deep meaningful conversations with friends and family helps me stay grounded. I enjoy a good cup of coffee with great company and like to explore (simply put, eat) various foods. I have started growing plants (and they not dying) and I enjoy traveling and exploring new places especially around South Africa where the are numerous gems to see.

Overview of qualifications, skills and areas of expertise

CA(SA) and MCom (Accounting sciences)