Chrystal Schonken

Financial Reporting


My alma mater

Stellenbosch University

Personal and professional goals

I want to use my talents in service to others. I want to show individuals what they are capable of and empower them with the tools needed to reach their potential.

Overview of qualifications, skills and areas of expertise
  • CA(SA) – SAICA
  • Master of Commerce (Accounting Sciences) – UP
  • Bachelor of Accounting (Honours) – SU
  • Bachelor of Accounting – SU
Why are you proud to be a part of the CA Connect team?

The team embraces individuality as everyone has a different and important contribution to make, yet together as a team we work towards a common set of values to empower our students to become the best CA(SA)s they can be.

Which of the CAC Values appeal to you the most and why? (Real, Learn, Strive, Care)

Learn – this value speaks to the growth mindset that CA(SA)s, as lifelong learners, aspire to.

Explain if and why education has the power to change South Africa?

In order to change the world, we must first understand it. This is why education is power.

What does the CA(SA) qualification represent to you?

The CA(SA) qualification empowers individuals to become thought leaders and action takers. When individuals become the best that they can be, the community and the world at large is better for it.

If you think of the word “successful,” who is the first person that comes to mind and why?

My younger sister. She persevered after failing PGDA and had to complete the ITC and APC multiple times before passing. She knew her “why” and did not give up until she was successful.

If you could put up a saying on a banner that was displayed around the country, what would it say and why?

Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.

What does the future of education look like to you?

Principle based, fluid and integrated with technology.

If you had to define the role of a “teacher”, what would it say?

A teacher is someone who enables others to think freely and attain a questioning mind rather than somebody who only imbeds static facts.