Riyaan Mabutha


Subject Head

Arise, go forth and conquer” – Tennyson

My alma mater

University of the Witwatersrand

Personal and professional goals

Living in gratitude for life is a wonder, delight, and utter amazement.

A relevant achievement or accomplishment – including professional and other qualifications
  • Board of directors of UCT Food Services (Pty) Ltd trading as Food & Connect
  • Contributing editor to Questions on SA Tax series textbook.
  • External examiner at NWU, Rhodes, UJ, Unizilu, Unisa
  • Regular member of SAICA accreditation team
  • SAICA ITC umpire
  • SAICA APC team leader
  • SAIT academic reviewer Tax Professional External Integrated Summative Assessments
Overview of qualifications, skills and areas of expertise
  • CA(SA) – SAICA
  • Master of Commerce (Tax) – Wits
  • Higher Diploma in Accounting – Wits
  • Bachelor of Commerce – Wits
Why are you proud to be a part of the CA Connect team?

We are a team of dedicated, driven, and passionate Chartered Accountants with a shared common goal and purpose; to see students thriving, succeeding, and qualifying as CA’s. I am grateful that every day I get the chance to do what I love doing, together with a community, where students are supported, students are given opportunities, where students are excited and with students who love learning.

Which of the CAC Values appeal to you the most and why? (Real, Care, Learn)

Strive – because growing is an important part of reaching your potential and fulfilling your destiny. Life is lived outside of your comfort zones. So, strive to be better than you were today.

Explain if and why education has the power to change South Africa?

Absolutely, education is power. Education not only has power in knowledge but power in that it changes lives and it changes communities. It is the catalyst for true emancipation. Education is often the only vehicle that many South Africans have to secure their, and their families, growth and future; their development and then reach their true potential. Education is an investment in the society of tomorrow.
Today’s learners are tomorrow’s leaders.

What does the CA(SA) qualification represent to you?


You have the choice to become a CA(SA) – you don’t have to become a CA(SA). You make the choice to take this journey. Then in becoming a CA(SA), you give yourself the choice to determine your future and your destiny. Because no one can ever take it away from you. 

If you think of the word “successful,” who is the first person that comes to mind and why?

There will be days where we will be successful and there will be days where we are all met with failure and disappointment. So, I would not define success in a person but rather recognizing that we must treat success and failure as the same. Marcus Aurelius offers great advice on this; accept success without arrogance and let failures and disappointment go with indifference.

Steve Jobs was probably then thinking of Marcus Aurelius in his famous Stanford commencement speech ‘Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.’

Each of us is unique and we are all writing our own stories.

If you could put up a saying on a banner that was displayed around the country, what would it say and why?

‘Begin at once to live and count each separate day as a separate life.’ Seneca

You have one life. Live Life. The best of all is that you get to start anew every day. So don’t waste life. Get out there and do the things you love.

What does the future of education look like to you?

New challenges offer new opportunities, and new perceptions of education offer new possibilities. Learning, unlearning and then relearning for the future. It is exciting and I am hopeful.

If you had to define the role of a “teacher”, what would it say?

A role model, who believes in students, motivates, encourages, and inspires students to joyfully grow to become the best. And never forgets to smile.