Roeghana Mohamed

Ops Team

Academic Administrator

“Let your faith be bigger than your fears!”

(School of Professional Accounting)
Your personal and professional goals

To obtain a 2nd qualification

Overview of qualifications, skills and areas of expertise

A driven administrator who likes to organize things while a professional stylist in my spare time.

Why are you proud to be a part of the CA Connect team?

The culture in this team really defines the meaning of real. I get to be my true self while still having the space to constantly grow.

Which of the CAC Values appeal to you the most and why? (Real, Care, Learn)

Care, because this team is always so concerned about our well being and always reminding us that we are human.

If you think of the word “successful,” who is the first person that comes to mind and why?

Vusi Thembekwayo, and it’s not about his riches but purely about his mindset and drive to encourage and teach others.

What does the future of education look like to you?

I foresee a forever progressing industry, as we never stop learning, we should never stop teaching. Times is always moving and therefore we need to move with it. Change can only be great if we let it be exactly.

If you could put up a saying on a banner that was displayed around the country, what would it say and why?

“Be led by love”

I love these words because God loves us all and it should be one of our main purposes in this life.