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All CTA students have the opportunity to complete the programme in 1 year.

  • Teaching is all online and the programme offers significant flexibility to work at any time that suits you.
  • To have a realistic chance of success over 1 year, a consistent 40 hours of study each week is necessary.
    • We call this a “full workload”.
    • This workload is consistent with other distance and contact institutions’ workloads.
  • If you can’t commit to a full workload, you have the option to complete the programme over 2 years on a half workload.
  • Required hours can include time on weekends and outside office hours. If you hold a job and can make space for a full workload, you can choose to do the programme in 1 year.

Modules & Progression

The CTA has 4 compulsory modules:
  • Financial Reporting (FREP01-8)
  • Taxation (TAXA01-8)
  • Management Accounting & Finance (MACF01-8)
  • Corporate Governance & Auditing (CGAU01-8)
  • Complete the CTA, all 4 modules need to be passed.
  • Progress to SAICA’s ITC, all 4 modules need to be passed in the same exam sitting.

Full workload Details

  • To complete the programme in 1 year, a full workload is required.
  • You register for all four modules at the same time.
  • You pay for and complete all 4 modules in 1 year.

Half Workload Details

  • Year 1: Register for CGAU01-8 and MACF01-8.
    • These modules are taken first as they less subject to legislative changes.
    • Also, time gaps in Year 2 affect these 2 modules less than the other 2 modules.
    • Once both Year 1 modules are passed, you progress to Year 2.
    • If both Year 1 modules are not passed, in the next year you either:
      • Repeat both Year 1 modules, or
      • Register for all 4 modules on a full workload.
  • Year 2: Register for TAXA01-8 and FREP01-8.
    • Despite having passed CGAU01-8 and MACF01-8:
      • You register on these modules again and have access to material and support on these modules to stay up to date with them.
      • It is recommended, but not required, that you write tests in these modules during the year.
    • At the end of the year you write final exams for all 4 modules.
  • You pay for 2 modules in each 1-year period. This spreads the full cost over 2 years.
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