Student Portal

Welcome to the CA Connect One-Stop Portal Place!

As a student there are many websites and links that you need during the year. We have put together this portal to ensure that everything you need in the PGDA can be accessed in one place. Note however that as most of the below are independent websites / web pages:
  • If you are not already registered, the first time that you use each site, you will need to register a new username and password.
  • You should make a note of your username and password for each site as, for each one, you may have a different user name / password.

We are always looking to improve and create a better experience for you so if there is anything you think should appear on this portal or could be changed, please email

(**) Please email a lecturer beforehand to arrange a time and a date to consult via video chat (Skype). Lecturers’ Skype names can be found in the PGDA Programme Document.