We select our lecturers primarily on their ability to form relationships with students and motivate and walk with them in their journey to becoming CAs(SA). We believe that the best way to achieve academic success is through teaching that is based on genuinely caring relationships.

Meet the team supporting our students

We do more than just teach courses, we provide genuine, authentic support & aim to partner with our students in a way that maximises their opportunity to succeed on our programmes and helps them decide what they want to do with their lives and future careers.

Gareth Olivier

Gareth is the PGDA programme head and also lectures Financial Reporting.

Gareth completed his articles at PwC in 2009 where he was involved in the National Technical and Teaching & Learning departments.

In 2014, Gareth was named as runner up in SAICA’s Top 35 Under 35 Chartered Accountants in South Africa.

Outside of the PGDA, Gareth is involved in lecturing and external examination at a number of universities including the University of Cape Town, the University of the Witwatersrand and Rhodes University. He is also a regular member of SAICA’s academic review team and is a question setter for SAICA’s Initial Test of Competence (ITC).

Gareth remains involved in technical accounting in practice as a member of the Financial Reporting Technical Committee (a sub-committee of the Financial Standards Reporting Council). Gareth is also part of SAICA’s Members in Business committee and is a reviewer for the Accounting perspectives journal that is published by UCT’s College of Accounting.

In addition to being a Chartered Accountant, Gareth holds a Masters in Tax (with Distinction), Honours degrees in Finance and Financial Accounting and a Post Graduate Diploma in Income Tax Law.

Gareth loves working with students and, above everything else, is a teacher.

Tracy Kraus

Tracy is the head of Financial Reporting at CA Connect. In addition to being a qualified Chartered Accountant, she holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Income Tax Law from the University of Cape Town and passed the Public Practice Exam (PPE) with honours in 2009. She completed her Masters in Financial Reporting, Analysis and Governance in 2019, also through the University of Cape Town.

Tracy lectured and tutored Financial Accounting, as well as tutored Management Accounting, at the University of Cape Town during her studies and academic traineeship there. She then completed her traineeship at KPMG Inc and was involved in corporate training and development there, after which she immediately joined the CA Connect team. Tracy also has experience as an external examiner for the University of Cape Town’s College of Accounting and Graduate School of Business, as well as the University of the North West’s School of Accounting Sciences. Additionally, she has been involved in setting and marking SAICA’s Initial Test of Competence (ITC) several times in recent years.

Tracy is excited about the positive ripple effect in families and communities that will result as more young South Africans from diverse backgrounds qualify as Chartered Accountants.

Mariam Vawda

Mariam completed her articles at PwC before moving to the University of Witwatersrand as a full-time lecturer in Financial Accounting. She lectured and tutored at undergraduate and postgraduate level and was also the BCom Accounting head and a member of the management team. After 10 years at the University of Witwatersrand, she lectured at the IIE Varsity College. Mariam also marks for the SAICA ITC exam.

Mariam firmly believes that ‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world (Nelson Mandela)’ and is committed to mentoring and supporting students on their journey to qualifying as Chartered Accountants.

Andrew Horsfall

Andrew is the head of Management Accounting and Finance at CA Connect. He believes strongly in the principle that striving to continually understand why you do what you do is 90% of the battle in succeeding. He is excited to empower students with this foundation and has a vision to change the nature of education in South Africa.

Other than at CA Connect, Andrew has teaching experience at the University of Cape Town and has been involved with financial engineering at KPMG Inc. In addition to being a Chartered Accountant, Andrew holds an Honours degree in Finance and a Masters degree in Financial Management from the University of Cape Town.

Riaan Berger

Riaan is a lecturer in Management Accounting and Finance at CA Connect. Riaan has a passion for teaching and enjoys working with people to help them learn. He began his career studying psychology, working for the National Health Service in the London. After deciding to study accounting he completed the accounting conversion course and PGDA at UCT.

Riaan completed his articles in the Deloitte Financial Institutions Services Team in Johannesburg and spent his final year on secondment as an equity analyst at Deutsche Bank. Thereafter he joined a private family office as an equity analyst and investment manager. He is also involved in his family’s farming and agri-food businesses in Limpopo and Stellenbosch. Riaan firmly believes encouraging students to understand the principles behind what they are studying and strives to connect the theory with real world practice.

Raun Billett

Raun is the head of Taxation at CA Connect. He has extensive teaching experience at the tertiary level and believes strongly in the importance of empowering young South Africans through education. Raun has also been involved in lecturing and tutoring at the University of Cape Town for a number of years. In addition to being a Chartered Accountant, he holds Honours degrees in Finance and Financial Management from the University of Cape Town.

Elna Malan

Elna has been a lecturer in Tax at CA Connect since completing her articles at PwC in 2014. She has been involved in marking for SAICA’s ITC examinations and is an external examiner for North-West University.

Elna is also involved in running the CA² Mentorship Programme which provides a channel of communication between students and mentors who support and advise students.

Elna believes that, to become an effective CA(SA), you need to be equipped with a positive mind, self-discipline and the right attitude.

Elna is excited for the journey ahead and to play a significant role in her students achieving their successes.

Leon Gazet du Chattelier

Leon is the head of Corporate Governance and Auditing at CA Connect. He has a passion for shaping students to become well rounded, self-assured professionals who can make a difference in South Africa and remain relevant in a fast changing world. Leon worked at Deloitte while qualifying as Chartered Accountant and has aspirations to change the perception of auditing by teaching it in a relevant and practical way that keeps students engaged in the learning process.

Leon is also involved in running the CA Squared programme at CA Connect, which is focused on developing more than just technical skills in students. The programme develops an awareness of things such as mental optimisation and the impact of lifestyle and nutrition on body and mind. Leon is also studying to qualify as a life coach and hopes to use these skills to help students to become the best version of themselves.

Louise Maritz

Louise lectures Corporate Governance and Auditing at CA Connect. She has a passion for teaching and empowering students studying towards becoming Chartered Accountants as it remains one of the top professions in the country.

Louise completed her training contract through PwC in 2010, where she gained extensive experience in auditing various industries. After a few years in a corporate environment, she moved into education, as teaching is her true passion and she enjoys presenting auditing in an interesting and practical manner.

Louise has also been involved in marking SAICA’s ITC exam. She is excited to motivate and guide students to perform to the best of their abilities.

Michael McInerney

Michael McInerney

Mike is the Senior Student Engagement Officer at CA Connect. Facilitating individual and team performance has always been a passion of his and his role at CA Connect is focused on providing our students with the best possible online community learning experience.

Mike is a qualified psychologist with a Masters in Counselling Psychology. After practicing for a number of years, his focus turned towards higher education and applying his insights in performance psychology to the online education landscape. Before joining CA Connect, Mike was Head of Learning at Construct Education where he consulted for a range of international clients to design bespoke learning solutions, managing the design and delivery of online courses across multiple platforms and industries.

Mike is committed to enhancing the experience of learners on the CA Connect programmes and brings to bear his skills across psychology and online education to ensure that learners are best positioned to thrive.

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