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Welcome to Step 1 of the application process for Milpark Education’s 2021 Short Course Programme in Advanced Accounting (Bridging to the CTA)

Before beginning your application, please take note of the application process in the above graphic.

In Step 1, you will be asked for specific information and documents such as:

  • A digital copy of your academic transcripts for all studying that you have done after school, including years that you passed and failed,
  • A digital copy of your ID (or passport) document, and
  • Certain Matric marks (Matric certificate not required at this stage).

Please have these available before starting your application.

If you are still waiting for information from your most recent year of study, you should only submit your application once you have this information.

What we mean when we refer to “CTA” in the application:

There are various names for postgraduate accounting courses that, when successfully completed, allow entrance into SAICA’s Initial Test of Competence (ITC). In the application form, we refer to these postgraduate accounting courses as “CTA” (Certificate in the Theory of Accounting).

Changes After Submitting

After submitting your application, you can make changes if you have made a mistake or want to add information. You can access your completed form by entering your ID / passport number and application number below. Please note that each submitted change will restart the application process as we assess the new information, so it is best to submit complete and correct information the first time.


All information that is submitted is verified in Step 2 of the application process. Erroneously or intentionally submitting inaccurate information in your application may result in an offer of a place in the programme being withdrawn.


If you need assistance, please email support@milpark.zendesk.com.

Step 1A: Registration

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